District 5110 PolioPlus Society

Supporting the Eradication of Polio Until
"Every Last Child" is immunized

Welcome to the District 5110 PolioPlus Society

The District 5110 PolioPlus Society was launched in October 2012 at the annual Rotary Foundation seminar.  The idea for the Society came from similar programs previously established in India and in District 5890.  The basic premise of District 5110's Polio Plus Society is as follows:

  • Rotarians make a written commitment to support PolioPlus by pledging to contribute a minimum of $100 per year to Polio Plus each and every year until the World Health Organization declares that the world is polio free and has been eradicated from the face of the earth.

How do Rotarians become PolioPlus Society members?

Becoming a PPS member is a very simple process.  Individuals only need to complete the PPS Commitment form and submit it to the District 5110 PolioPlus Chair.  The District will take care of everything upon receiving the commitment form.

What are the benefits of the PolioPlus Society?

In District 5110 we believe strongly in recognition for those Rotarians who support The Rotary Foundation and the PolioPlus program.  There are currently many levels of recognition for those who give to The Rotary Foundation but no specific recognition has been designated for those who support PolioPlus, particularly those who support it on an online basis.  Therefore, we designed our PPS program to be similar to the Paul Harris Society, but with different types of recognition. 

Each individual who makes a commitment to the PolioPlus Society receives the following recognitions:

  1. They are presented with an official PPS pin specifically designed for PPS members

  2. viagra effects menThey are presented with a "gold-foil "You Make a Different" certificate, signed by the District Governor in a gold foil presentation folder (suitable for framing).

  3. They receive two custom-designed "I'm Helping Rotary End Polio Now" bumper stickers

  4. They receive two custom luggage tags with an "I'm Helping Rotary End Polio Now"  card on one side and their personal business card on the back

In addition, to stress the importance of their commitment, the presentation of these recognitions are made at District-wide meetings (TRF Seminar, Assembly, Conference, Quarterly TRF Meetings, etc.) as well as at club meetings.  The presentations are made by the District Governor, the District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, the District PolioPlus Chair or the Assistant Governors. 

At the same time the presentations are made, a five-minute update on polio is made by the presenter and the latest polio Statistical flyer and a PPS info card is given to everyone present.  Of course, commitment forms are also available for those who want to become members after witnessing the presentations.

2012-2013 District Governor Dell Gray and his wife Shell have had personal experience with polio as both had family members afflicted with the disease.  It was Governor Gray's desire to create a recognition program that would inspire Rotarians to continue to support PolioPlus on an annual basis in addition to contributing to the Annual Fund.  As this program offers a variety of ways in which individuals can contribute, it has been an easy "sell" to our members and based on the numbers of members to date, we will soon be reordering all of our recognition materials.

Take time to visit this web site to learn more about the program and the recognitions and then, if you have questions, contact the District 5110 PolioPlus Chair, Harriett Schloer at in2dtp@gmail.com



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